Welcome, Race Fans!

Heading to the Piutes this weekend for Cinco de Trialo? Please be aware that Jawbone Canyon Road will be closed on Saturday, May 4. The High Desert Trails Rally, is a one-day, automotive performance time trial event.Click to go big. Rally Racing is a motorsport where a driver and navigator (co-driver) race down closed dirt roads, one car at a time, as fast as they can. Sounds pretty sweet, and I may just have to check them out to some degree Saturday, on the way up. But please note, that Jawbone Canyon will be CLOSED TO REGULAR TRAVEL. From the High Desert Trails website-

Expect parts of Jawbone Canyon and Kelso Valley to be closed from 7AM until 8PM on the day of the rally with a break in the afternoon for residents to leave or return. CHP or the County Sheriffs will direct residents when it is safe to travel on the route. We appreciate your patience and we’d be happy to send you information on what times you could transit the route throughout the day.

  So hey- be on the lookout for some cool rigs, closed roads, and I'll see YOU somewhere this weekend! Even more rally info here.