The Grumpy Grizzly

Friends, If you don't always read the comments on these posts, (and you know you SHOULD!), We re-post the best stuff. Such as the always entertaining breaking news for the Big Feets El Trialo! OMG. Just read these items you may have missed, such as this fine homage to my new favorite mountain-top watering hole, The Grumpy Grizzly:

For those of you who have never experienced a southern sierra night at the Grumpy Grizzly, start planning to attend now. There is no other place like it on the planet. The entire Piute community comes together and produces food, drinks, entertainment and atmosphere like nothing we have ever seen before. Thats not all. Then you get to ride the SCTA's newest, highest venue in the final round of the longest most over the top SCTA season championship ever!I expect to see you all there. Come out and support Don C. and the BIg Feets Trials Club at an awesome campout and an extraordinary trial. You will not be disappointed. You will kick yourself all summer long if you miss it. Do not miss it. See you there.

-Captain O

And then, there's THIS:



"Czech Ride" planned for Saturday, 4 May at 12:00 noon!

No, it's not the European country, but a way for Big Feets event Checkers to ride all the sections, just like you'd do if you competed in the event! Here's how it's gonna' work:

At 12:00 noon on Saturday we will convene all ten section checkers for a "Czech Ride" where they will proceed around the loop and ride each section. Bicycle Ron will be "Czech Ride Leader". To reduce waiting times at the sections we may break the group of ten into two groups of five and start on different sections. But we don't want it to be "open riding" (see benefits below for why).

Checkers can ride each section up to three times, but at their option they can ride one or two times. Any line can be ridden by the Checkers but we expect people will ride their usual line.

They will have a blast and perform a very valuable service. Among the specific features and benefits will be the following.

1. Checkers ride! No more working the event, watching all the fun and not getting to ride. Now the Checkers get the best deal. They get to ride the sections for FREE. They also get to heckle, laugh at and bench race with their friends as they check. And to top it all off they get a free lunch on Sunday. How could it get any better than that?

2. Proofing and improving of all sections. The checker group will be accompanied by the Course Marshall (yours truly) and will have full authority to make any changes they deem necessary to the loop and sections. This should result in a better course and a more fun, challenging trial.

3. Increased safety for competitors. Obstacles that may be dangerous for some lines will be evaluated effectively and consistently, leading to traps more suited to the specific competitor's ability levels.

Come on up and check, AND ride!

Don C.


And then there's this too!