Just Checking...

Greetings amigos. El Trial, this Sunday. Seven sweet sections for us mortals, and then the savory El Trial Tradición: an afternoon of Pro-only sections lovingly crafted for maximum awesome, all in the spectator friendly foothills of the Sequoias above Lake Isabella. Round 10 proper begins at 10:00, with the Pro shootout entering the first gate at 2:00.

If you have not checked an event this season, now is the time. Think about it- a mellow day in spent in the wild, watching your BFFs attack the granite, whilst you knowingly accrue winning points for your effort. Well played, I say. If you need your checker points, karma or otherwise, let us know. (you DO know about article 110.4, right?)

Also... The Season Standings through Round 9 are available! I've said this before, but "How YOU doin'?"

Check 'em out- some serious battles going on. Big thanks to Don Williams for the standings, and Tim Holm for results. Volunteerism! I love it!