Saint Patricks Trial Update, and... El Trial!

So many superlatives. Awesome, epic, sporty, jaunty, challenging, and even fun. Pick any three. That was the weekend that was; the Plonkers' St. Patrick's Day Moto Trial.From Friday night, to the infernal bonfire, to Sunday's final section, a georgeous desert framed what can only be described as a true Plonkers signature event. Full write-up at the end of this post.

Well done, lads, well done. CharliE, you killed it! And, incidentaly, we have the results posted, just in case YOU killed it too. (Sorry, Pops. 'killed-it' Verb [trans], To do something extremely well.)

All of this can only mean-Next up on the SoCal Trials competition calendar must be...

(Drumroll, and all that...)

El Trial de Espana 2013. Sunday, April 7.

The 43rd running of Señior Fred Belair's brilliant event, set in the verdant spring foothills of the southern Sierra mountains; this is THE Premier event of this, and frankly any, moto-trial season. America's best professional Moto-Trials riders, battling head to head on their lightweight machines, up boulders,  moss, and logs, up close and personal and all within walking distance from the pit area. Spectators- bring your cameras, bring your friends, and mostly, be amazed. This big time trials, Kernville style!

All regular classes, Novice through Pro, will compete in the morning, with the Pro Shootout beginning at 2:00.

Lots more updates coming. For now, be thankful the website is no longer green!

And, if you want the complete Plonker's Weekend update, Charlie says it best:


Last Sundays’ Plonkers St. Patrick’s Day Trial was a raging success, and I heard nothing but compliments about the trial all day. Thank you guys for a job well done!

For those who couldn’t make it, here are but a few highlights of the weekend:

FRIDAY: Great turnout of camping Plonkers. (Or is that “Plonking Campers”?) T shirt temps and a giant campfire made for a spectacular night of bench racing, BSing and just plain family fun. Perfecto!

SATURDAY: Folks continued to roll in while the camp slowly took on that unmistakable Plonkers flavor. I love that. I watched in amazement as Plonker after Plonker unloaded what became an almost obscene amount of firewood! Alrighty then!

Todd and members of the Plonkers ‘Dream Team” inspected the entire loop and and announced it good to go. Then mid afternoon the classic Adventure Ride to the Plaques began with a starting group of sixteen anxious riders. Wow!! Some bailed early on, and a few bailed out after the plaques, and eight continued on and finished with the now famous Bennett / Hannon uphill. Whew! That last section kicked what little else I had remaining of my butt. Yowsa! What a ride! Whewee!

By the time we all returned, the camp was packed with Plonking enthusiasts and the Saturday festivities had begun! The Hannon family stole the show with an ‘everyone is invited’ welcome home party for Zac. It was amazing! A huge selection of delicious smoked BBQ pork, bacon wrapped shrimp, salad, dessert and good grief, you name it! Wow! It was a Plonkers feast of mammoth proportion! (BTW I highly recommend “ClubHannon” barbecue over Famous Dave’s). Wow!

Thank you, Clive, Marie, and all the Hannon’s.

Now I guess we ought to talk about Saturday night. It was so warm that many folks were wearing shorts and T shirts. (In Winter, in the high desert!) How neat is that?

The warm temp, combined with no wind to speak of, made for a spectacular evening. If you missed it, you really missed out.

Now about that campfire! It’s not often that one can experience a true Plonkers ONE CORD WONDER! Holy cow! It was the campfire that kept giving. And giving. Just amazing!

SUNDAY: Race day! The Plonkers Wrecking Crew was up early and busy with chores. Weather was clear and no wind. Fabulous!

Sign up went smooth, Todd awarded trophies from our last event, and finally the eager riders were released to do battle with the ‘Buttes! Alrighty then!

I heard nothing but good reports from the riders, and zero complaints! Rider consensus was that the sections were near perfect, and most found them “jaunty” yet “sweet and refreshing”. Hey, can’t top that! Plus, the loop got rave reviews, as did the colorful magnetic rider participation awards. (I stuck mine on the range hood in my trailer - right next to the one from last Septembers’ Groovy Granite Trial). Looks trick. Collect All Six! .


OFFICIAL SUMMARY: The PLONKERS put on yet another great trial and one we can all be proud of ! !. (applause)

Thanks again to all the Plonkers who attended! (either by working or competing). You guys rock BIG TIME!

Feet Up,