...And a Happy New Year.

Just an amazing day yesterday. I show up early at Romoland, in prep for the January and Feruary events, and wouldn't you know it, Russ beats me there, at eight in the morning mind you, so now there are two of us. Then Bruce and Reid arrive, with the Beta and a big bike. Next Carlos, then Mikey (collectively the MASH unit). Then Trevor, Brad A, Gabby, Duke, Scott, and of course, Chris and Ty.

Thirteen of us; hanging out, riding, building sections, trail mending, loop marking, bench racing, brake bleeding, and even big bike riding. The weather itself was nothing short of spectacular- where else can you ride in short sleeves at the end of December? I mean seriously, if felt like a perfect spring day in the dead of winter. Ridiculous!

And everyone is geeking out because, not only are we riding this fine Sunday, but then again at Reed Valley on Wednesday, and we'll be back at Romo on the following Sunday (for more prep), and the weekend after that (Sunday, January 12) is Round 5 of the SCTA Championship Series. Dang, but I love Sundays.

Cheers, and a happy and prosperous two-wheeled new year.