Next Events...

Hi all, our next Official event is round 5, the 24th Annual Jack Volder Classic at Romoland, to be held January 12, 2014!Please click the image above to view the finely re-worked flier from back in the day. Who knew Chris Cullins had such graphic abilities!? The Romo event is always great, and we have Mr. Jack Voldar to thank for this exciting venue. I'll post more information on the events page in the coming weeks.

But the NEXT event, is the FIRST annual New Year's Fun Trial, graciously hosted by the Oldar Family. This is guaranteed to be fun, and will be held on private property. I have sent the flier via eMail to SCTA members, and if you did NOT get yours, please use the Contact Us button on the left to send me your current email address. (I promise I won't send you anything but this flier- I don't even know HOW to spam!) As it was, I sent about 130 emails, and about 30 bounced back, so there is a very good chance we have outdated contact info for you, our dear members. (Due to the private property setting, we will not be posting the flier on the site)

Anyhow, look forward to seeing you all out at the New Year Fun Trial, then again at Round 5, at Romoland, January 12.


-Damon B.