The SDTR Classic Trial: Reviews are in!

Wow what an event. So many nice things to say about this top-notch trial, but I’ll leave it to you all…

Great trials guys!

Sections were challenging,  safe, well thought out and fun. Thanks and great job!

-Carlos Johnston

Then there is this..

As always, SDTR put on another great event with reasonable (read "fun") sections and a very enjoyable loop. Well done guys ! –Steve Storz

Clubman stud Tim raves...

This was the best I've seen Cuhuilla Creek. The loop is really starting to groom in nicely. It was soooo fun, and was marked to perfection.
I thought Sections were put together with thought and care. Some got harder as the day unfolded, some got easier, but they all changed. I walked every inch of every Section, every loop. My legs were talking to me last night, but feel great today.
Great job Marcus and all the San Diego Trials Riders, and everyone else that helped make this a true Classic. – Tim Holm

New guy Andy proclaims:

As a newbie to this trials stuff, I debated whether to comment or not, but heck, I had so much fun on Sunday, I couldn't help but say how great everything was. The sections were absolutely perfect (I don't know how those pros do it) and the loop was so much fun with the thicket and switchbacks. All the checkers were so helpful and considerate, plus the Candy Canes :-)
Thanks to everyone, I had a blast!  -Verne (Andy) Lofquist

And finally, Dave had these accolades-

The sections and the loop were awesome.   The grooming of the loop was top notch and the loop markings were the best I have experienced.  (Tom Materna kept wondering how I still managed to make some wrong turns.  I guess I was the alternate pathways looked so interesting they just pulled me in a few times.)   Carving through a tunnel of Manzanitas in one portion of the loop was a highlight. 

As always the checkers were awesome and most of them looked like they were enjoying the event about as much as we were.  I know I have a great time working as a checker talking to everyone coming through.  

Tom Materna said it best at the end of our 3rd loop,  "I have more fun at these trials events than all the other motorcycle events that I ride."   I agree.   The friendliness,  the wide range of ages of participants, multiple family members participating and the consistent level of fun interaction with your fellow riders and the checkers makes for a very enjoyable event, as long as you don't fret over your scores.   Trials, the hidden gem of the motorcycle world. Either that or we are all equally crazy people that enjoy this weird sport.

Many thanks to the set up crew, the checkers, the course officials, to  the folks manning the entry and scoring table and thanks to our host Cahuilla Creek. –Dave Bell

What more can I add? Only that we have the best dang motorsport around, and the people to match. If you didn't ride, you missed a great one. (I will admit, it was the nices 46 degree day I've ever experienced) Seeing Martin Belair with the biggest smile of the day, was, actually, the biggest smile of the day. Welcome back, amigo.

Cheers, and stay tuned for more info regarding an Oldar hosted New Years fun trial, and then Round 5, January 12.

Peace love and trials,