The Midweek Update

The midweek roundup- we all know why we love Keyesville. The history.Ah, the great outdoors! The camping, the scenery, the fresh mountain air. And lest I forget; the riding. Keyesville mixes some great Sierra granite with shady pines and soft pine-needle topped surfaces, which make for some of the most classic mountain riding there is. Glorious lake views, and granite drop-offs? Check.

That’s why I’ll be there, camper in tow, bikes in back, ready to ride. I know you will too. Also, we’ll raise our glass and remove our hats for a moment of remembrance of Mr. Jack E. Volder, who sadly passed on this week. Here’s to the great ones.

And finally, some important details. The times, First EVER picture I've posted of me. I think. But this is Keyesville!they are a-changing, and the BLM folks will be out there in force to MAKE SURE we DO NOT ride across any non-designated trails. I cannot over-emphasize this enough. This is a great place to ride, but the rules are strict, my friends. Agree with them or not, we’re going to have to play by them, or risk loseing this as an event venue. And that would, as they say, suck, big time. Secondly, make sure you thank Bill Merritt for all his behind the scenes efforts to keep our permit in place, and Billy Traynor and Bill Hanson for event set up. Heck- thank ANYbody named Bill!