Jack Volder, Trials Champion.

Trials lost a good man today:
Jack Volder passed away this morning. Tim Holm offers this fitting tribute:

  Jack was "THE GUY" who spent hours and days searching for, and finding, amazing pieces of property in the Southern California area, conducive to Trials riding. Jack also worked out the details with property owners, BLM, etc. which enabled hundreds of riders, over the last quarter of a century, to enjoy practicing and competing on some of the best Trials locations in So. Cal.; Reed Valley, Romoland and Santa Rosa to name a few. (I must personally have well over a thousand hours enjoying these places.)
  When I first started riding Trials and helping set up events, some 13 years ago, I met Jack at Romoland. He wasn't riding anymore because he was getting up there in years, but he would come help with set-up anyway.
  Jack would put himself in charge of grooming the loop; all on foot. He had designed special harnesses and backpacks for himself to haul around enough tools to build a golf course! More than once, we had to go find him and bring him in, because the sun had gone down, and he was still out there working away. We would find him still chopping at the bushes, shoveling deep rain ruts, and building bypasses to make the Loop and the upcoming Trial more enjoyable for all the rest of us.

  I've attached a picture of the very first Romoland flier:

The original Romoland event flier. Click to see it in full resolution   As the story goes, Jack was getting quite a lot of resistance from the BLM about using the Romoland property to ride dirt bikes. The BLM claimed that the property was a habitat for the Kangaroo Rat; an endangered species. Well Jack pushed the issue until he got them to meet out there to see. After a full day of searching, they came up empty and granted Jack permission to put on the Trial; thus The First Annual Kangaroo Rat Benefit Trial was born.
  If you look at the Flier, you'll see Jack had quit a sense of humor too. He writes; "All proceeds over $10,000 will go to the Kangaroo Rat Assistance Project", or better known as KRAP!
  They don't make enough guys like Jack anymore. He was a good friend, and a hard working son of a gun. Maybe the next time you are out riding your trials bike at Romoland or Santa Rosa, with a big smile on your face, you could give old Jack a shout out. "Thanks buddy!"

  Jack Voldar will be missed by all of us... even if you didn't know him.
  God speed Jack, and Thanks.

-Tim Holm