Ke-YES-ville (2)!

Set-up this Sunday, 10/20! All help is always welcome!

These details just in from Billy Traynor, regarding what will indeed be a very unique trial ...

The upcoming “T.T” trials. T.T.- as in Tight & Technical. Less up down up down, straight-on obstacles, no tight cracks or crevasses to squeeze through, and more tight turns, off cambers, and of course big stones or as you call them here in the USA boulders/rocks.

We are shooting for six conventional sections, four loops. But with a twist. At the end of each six-section loop you will ride one of two gated sections (one set out for Novice, Intermediate, Sportsman and one set up for Clubman, Advanced, Expert).

Both the conventional sections & gated section will contribute to your overall score for the day. You may blow away your competition in the conventional sections but lose it all in the gated sections. The logic and scoring behind the gated sections and how it contributes to the overall score will be explained before the trial.

We are seeking six conventional section judges. I will judge the gated section designated for Clubman, Advanced, Expert. I am still seeking a judge for the gated section designated for Novice, Intermediate, Sportsman.

There will be a back marker and Bill Merrit has volunteered to be said back marker.

This format is not new and I have ridden some events like this back home. Hopefully you will like it and it could become a regular event.

PS: Bill H, Bill M & I will be up at Keysville on Sunday 20th scouting sections and loop. Please feel free to help us.

Hope it is a safe and fun event for all in attendance.


As always, stay tuned right here for event details, results and standings.. See you at Keyesville.

Kilts optional. Just sayin'.