Cougar Classic- A few thoughts...

More notes on the Cougar Classic. The Plonkers REALLY know how to put on a trial.

A real tech inspection, with a cone-lined path to the sign up area. Very classy.

National Anthem! Not some cheezy 8-track tape version, but a real life a cappella version. Moving.Stacey Baltes had our hats off, and tears in our eyes. Well done!

Kevin Barda DNF’d early, and X-rays were positive: A broken finger, suffered in section 3 or 4. I almost regret teasing him! Almost. (He's my brother. Therefore, no slack from me).

boo boo enlarged to show detail.









Honda Z-50-mounted Carson Alten finished the day! His very first trial. There is something to be said about your first trial being at Cougar Buttes, and surviving not 3, but FOUR loops. All our hats are off to you, young man! Keep on riding.

Mike Salsman doing his best ‘Bloody Elbow’ impersonation.

It's only a flesh wound!

Finisher Awards. Stick ‘em to your fridge, your toolbox, wherever.  Seriously- Plonkers still hand out finisher awards! Who does that anymore??- All I can say, is Charlie Rowlett rocks, and his team put on one fantastic trial!