Perfect Trials Weather

This weekend, the Romo Report:

Works for me!

Thanks Damon. Hey kids! Captain O here. You all know you want to ride the RomoDome! You know you need to ride the RomoCoaster! So sign up right now! On Line. I know, its so easy. Sign up now and when you saunter up to the sign up table with your big coat and coffee mug, sign the release and the nice lady will give you your very own scorecard right then and there. 30 seconds max, unless you write real slow. So use the online sign up. We put it there to make it so easy for you and the sign up crew. I am going to use it right now. Hang on a second. OK. I am back. Thats how long it takes to sign up for a trial. But this is not just any trial. This is the first trial of the New Year. This is the Jack Volder Classic at Romoland. This is going to be awesome! See you there. That is all.

And... We've been getting quite a few questions regarding spectators, so if this is your first time, here are a few tips from a typical response...

Thanks for contacting us! I'll go through your questions, and then post them online, so others get the scoop as well. Anyhow, here goes:
Spectators are free! Our events start at 10:00 am, and the riders are always practicing near the pits before the event, so I'd recommend arriving about 9:30 or even earlier, just to kind of mingle before everyone gets their 'game face' on. You may ride your (registered) motorcycles, but the trails are pretty tight singletrack. I would not recommend taking an MX bike on the trails. A way better way of spectating here is plain old hiking. Bring your own food, as we have no concessions. (But we have a porta-potty!) Theevent usually runs to about 2:30-3:00, and finally; we have a FEW shirts left from our National, last May. But generally, we do not have shirts. (Maybe we should!)
Come on by and say hi, I'll be at the sign up table before the event.
See you there,
Damon B, SCTA Webguy