Round One BigFeets Style! (update)


Just in case you had not heard. The BigFeets Trials Club put on their first SCTA points event last weekend. It was a beauty! The weekend started with a Saturday adventure ride to the plane crash, then some more awesome single track through the trees. The evening was quite cool and beautiful. Across the pits tucked back in the pines I could not believe what I saw. I blinked and saw again. It was really real! The BigFeets crew working with all the local land owners established what is truly a first for SCTA trials. They built a Bar and Grill exclusively for our use! The Grumpy Grizzly was open for business with $1 tacos and $2 beers, must have T-shirts (thanks Trevor) and decent loud music. I had to check and see if I had a pulse. Heaven was on a dirt road in the pines! The night was magic in every way. 
Morning came as pretty as any morning could. Nice temperature with a little breeze. 35 riders attended this inaugural event. Three and half miles of the most wonderful loop connected 10 sections of varying difficulty. Many of the traps were in the SHADE! Judging by the scores, everyone was challenged a bit, but not too much.The altitude, big rocks, sandy launches,lots of trees, and those stinking Pine Needles that are two feet deep provided maximum entertainment. Our friend Don Copeland and his crew went so far as to have a water truck for dust control in the camp and staging areas. Nice touch. 
A massive thank you to all of the BigFeets members, every land owner, and my friend Don Copeland for taking a little conversation we had two years ago and making about as nice of a competitive trials event as I have ever attended. The attention to detail, nice touches like the water truck and night club, and the always friendly locals made this a very special event. Thanks BigFeets! I can't wait for your Spring trials.