Groovy Update No.3? Far Out!

All of the below items are, er, extracurricular to the actual trial on Sunday, but...

ADVENTURE RIDE TO THE PLAQUES! Saturday around 1:00PM. Come ride the all time classic big boy trail ride! It’s a hoot! Cool!

Late afternoon GRAND SLAB RIDE! Come ride or watch as riders wheelie up the big slab near the Plonkers pits. Groovy!

And the Saturday Finale – The NIGHT RIDE! Departs around 7:30 PM and organized by Lowell Bellis (AKA The “Groovy Guru”) and Peanut Rockett. The ride will follow the existing ribboned loop. Lights recommended but with a full moon you probably can get by without one.Note: Glow sticks installed in your wheels is highly recommended.
As always, proceed with caution, and don't try this at home, kids.
See YOU at the 'Buttes.

Oh, hey- two more things: See that guy above? That would be So Cal's own Eric Storz, who right now is on his way to represent the USA at the Trials de Nations in Moutier, Switzerland. We ALL wish Eric and his teammates the very best as they take on Tony Bou and the world's best. Represent!

And, whilst wistfully wondering all the wonders of this Groovy Granite Trial, please keep in mind that in just two short weeks, the Keyesville MotoTrial is ON. Yep, Round Three, Sunday October 14. Fliers and more, on the way. Rock on.