The New 2012/13 Schedule

Hi all,

Wow. What a summer it's been.

To start, we pull off the BEST DAMN MotoTrial National, Period. All of us.

Next, our local pros, Eric Storz and Andrew Oldar, travelled the national scene all summer long, as did ever-stalwart Kristjan Thordarson. Dig deeper, and we see Michael Salsman riding California, Colorado, and Ohio. Bill Bliven; Rhode Island. Ty Cullins, hitting CA, Colorado, Tennessee and back to Colorado, winning the 15 and under class of the Youth Nationals. With Dad and SCTA President Chris Cullins, of course. Andrew Lytle and Didrik Thordarson also did the Youth Nationals.

And some kids got some new wheels.

Like I said, one busy summer. Web guy included.

But now, it's almost back to school. Trials school. Because we have a Super bitchen, geographically diverse, and whole heartedly epic 2012/2013 competition season ahead!

Without further ado, we give you,

The 2012/2013 SCTA MotoTrial Championship Series

9/2 Piutes-Big Feets
9/30 Lucerne-Plonkers
10/14 Keyesville
11/3 Paso Robles-Beta Cup (also non points event on the 2nd)
12/1&2 Cahuilla two day-SDTR
1/13 Romoland
2/17 Romoland
3/3 Lucerne-Plonkers
4/7 El Trial-Keyesville
5/12 Piutes-Big Feets (subject from Mother's approval)
6/2 Fun Trial/Year-end awards


It shall be great, that much is true. Keep posted!