Hey you there, Ironman Guy!

It is time again to hand out the coveted year-end awards, including that most prized of accolades, the SCTA Ironman Award. This Sunday, after the Fun(d) Trial, crack open a cold one (after loading up the bike, of course!), and receive your prestigious award, and be a part of HISTORY. Oh yes.

Web Guy has been holed up in an Oakland hotel all week, and is SO very ready to ride! Just the very thought of twisting the throttle has me thinking that I'm just going to jump right through TSA security, and force the pilot to take me straight to Romoland! I am sure THAT has never happened before.

PS: My apologies to my good pilot friends. of course I would never really cause any high-altitude havoc. But still. Whatever. Let's Ride!


PS: Big Feets' very own Don C pictured.