We ride among greatness

The Nationals and El Trial de Espana have come and gone. Before they become a distant memory, let me point out some otherworldly efforts amd performances that may have slipped unnoticed over the event weekend.

First, it must be said that everyone who had even the smallest part in putting on the event, is forever secured in my heart for their energy and effort on our behalf. That being said:

Every detail of the entire event weekend was seen to or touched by Peter Croft. National weekend is a hellish environment for any organizer. Peter operated 18 hours a day for four days in a row with a cast on his leg due to a ruptured achilles tendon. Somehow, Peter maintained his humor and cheer throughout the weekend, which basically ran like clockwork. Midnight everynight Peter and I woud raise one more toast then turn in. At 7 a.m. the next day we would begin sorting and strategizing for the new day. I am amazed by Peter, and hope to be just like him when I grow up. 

Chris Cullins made thousands of adjustments to the sections during the week leading up to the event, then spent the race weekend minding for Ty. They had a very successful weekend of competition. Either building and fixing sections or minding are grueling endeavours, doing both on a race weekend is simply super human.

Damon Barda simply had the hardest job of the weekend. Securing 72 "checkers", and training them for the event weekend, making changes on the fly, and ensuring each section is outfitted with enough manpower to operate smoothly was an impossible task. Damon made it happen with style and stability. If Damon needed another brother I would volunteer. He already has a great brother, I am just sayin'.......

Quietly in the early morning hours weeks before, then days before, then just hours and sometimes really just minutes before the event, both Saturday and Sunday, Mark Miller was in the sections or on the loop repairing markings and making adjustments to the smallest details in the sections. His work was perfect and amazing and invaluable. Awestruck, I am simply awestruck at how much work Mark can get done.

Maybe the story of the weekend is how two of our own produced results that simply knocked me on my "Keester". I love Tori and Joseph Carillo. They set out to ride a National event. With steady, steely determination Tori rode comfortably all day. Pushed, steadied and minded by husband Joseph, they finished on time and placed second in their class. An excellent first effort in a difficult environment. Maybe we'll see them in the Clubman class next season!

The whole weekend went as well as any event of this size could go. Many people helped beyond belief to get this event done and dusted. I thought it important that these 6 people get just a little more love. My admiration and appreciation for these folks just went off the chart.