digging in the dirt.

Another weekend, thank you. Another reason to just get out and ride. Web guy has been so crazily wrapped up in the day job, he's been neglecting his very favorite website of all time, socaltrials.com.

OK. So today, Saturday, I have a minute. So let me lay it down. Because I freaking love this site, this sport, and you goofy people who ride with me. Herein is my personal and trials update:

The National!

If you did not know, we have a separate National Page. Go there for the sweetest maps, rider info, checker list updates, and coming soon, the loop and pit maps. This National thing? It's our own personal Coachella, bro. And it is JUST around the corner.

The Fund Trial! 2 weeks from now, at the ever sublime Romodome. I'll be putting down money on whatever team Didrik rides on. Come ride, enjoy the year end awards, and just well, get away from the weekday.

Also, we've been contacted by XDL, a stunt bike championship series. Kind of like trials, but definitely  more hairy. They would like a few of us trials guys to do a small exhibition, at their summer event, at the Queen Mary. Maybe ON the Queen Mary. Contact me for more details, and believe me, I will post 'em as plans move forward. If there is ANY way I can ride the GasGas on the Queen Mary, sign me UP.

Next up- Get on out to Cahuilla, any Sunday from now till the National, and you too can help set up some world class sections and loop. Like I said, it's our own personal Ben Nevis. (or Coachella, whatev- I'm on a roll!) This weekend, this Sunday, 4/22, EARTH DAY even, me and my 15 mpg rig, and my sweet sweet 2-stroke, red-sticker bike are heading to MotoVentures at Cahuilla, with saw, shears, and shovels in hand. Let's rip it up, friends!