Snow Report: Piutes Event Canceled

I am sad to report that there is simply too much snow in the Piutes to conduct our event this weekend. Property owner Nate S. is up there now and sent back an emailed picture showing 6" on the ground at 1:00 pm Friday with more falling. A 5:41 pm email showed 10+ inches on the ground, so riding from section to section would be a real challenge, and it would be extremely cold for the rider. Not the ideal moto-trial conditions.

We are moving the moto-trial to Memorial Day weekend. Two weeks after watching the best in the US at the Nationals, everyone should be ready to hop some rocks under the shady pines!

We'll have time to put together lots of new sections, improve the loop options, and set up some cool "adventure" rides. So mark your calendars for our first annual "Memorial Day Piute Cup" (sorta' like the Ute Cup, only closer, and with a "Pi").

Don C.
Big Feets Club