That Was Fun!


Full-on sunny California blue-sky day spent riding trials in the desert with my friends.

I mean, that is what I would count as fun. Super fun. Stupid fun even! And finally, back in the Johnson! Uhh.. Valley, that is. We even have pictures!

I got to ride with* my brother, Kevin, shown below..

We had new riders, new checkers, classic grizzled friends, and the kids coming up! Also a BLM presence that was very friendly and supportive (many kudos go to Charlie Rowlett for his efforts). Big shout all around out to the Plonkers Trials Club for hosting a great event. Challenging, well organized, and above all, a kick-ass day of riding! A more beautiful day of weather could not be had.

I am going to assume that this post gets past the censors.


More later after I break down the unofficial results..

*ride with, and beat!!!! Finally.