The Best for Last..

Our final event is in the books! Such a nice event, from all the great smiles I saw. SCTA President Chris Cullins had this to say.

I'm happy to say our season ended with a great one! At least from my perspective. After much talk of rain our web guy Damon was correct when he said to me on Saturday that it would hold off until we got done.

Due to bad weather the weekend before the event, the complete trial was setup in just one day! Big thanks to all those who helped make that possible, Ian Roberts, Marcus Miller, Billy Traynor, Paul Oswald, Bruce Davis, Damon Barda, Clive Hannon, Scott Wenger & Bill Merritt. With that kind of help it went very smooth!

I'm happy to report we had 20 Iron Men for the season, and a few first time class champions! We had a great season and even better things planned for next year.

See you all at the fun trials!