On Any Sunday.

For millions of sporting fans around this country, and increasingly, around the globe, Sunday means one thing- Football. And today, Sunday simply means The Superbowl. The biggest game of the year, for America's biggest sport. We'll all be packed in front of a TV somewhere, stuffing ourselves with Doritos and dip, drink in hand, glued to the commercials as much as the actual game. 9 times out of 10, the commercials are better than the game.

Where I come from, and when I grew up, Sunday was about riding. About chucking all the chores, the deadlines, and getting the bikes out of the garage, and getting them dirty. I went for years without a motorcycle, so I substituted with a BMX bike, then a mountain bike. But my head was always into the flow, of two wheels, a twisty track, and a bit of air time. Today, as soon as I hit 'post', that's where I'll be.
The boys: Mikey, Bruce, Reid, Chris, Ty, Trevor, and others. I know they'll be out there with me. Riding, jumping rocks, bench racing, crashing (at least me).
It will be a wonderful Sunday. A super Sunday.

Grab your bike. Join us. We'll be out there, with our bikes, and our friends.
And some 7-layer bean dip.


PS: Game starts at 3:30. So no excuses.