The Bloody Elbow, explained.

A day of riding can produce an overwhelming sense of euphoria. Ear to ear grins. And almost as often, it produces scraped knuckles, bruised legs, and even, well, bloody elbows. Not by intent, mind you, but hey- scrapes happen just the same. Sometimes you don't even need to be near your bike.

Cougar Buttes, Sunday 6:00 am

This Sunday, March 4, The Plonkers Trials Club host the annual Art Webster Bloody Elbow Trial, at Cougar Buttes, north of Lucerne Valley

The trial, I can assure you, shall be plenty fun. Challenging, but a joy to ride. Regarding the elbow reference, Plonker president Ringo said it quite well..

...Another fabulous Moto Trial to commemorate the late, great Art Webster. 

 Just a quick history lesson for the guys who forgot why we call it ‘The Bloody Elbow Trial’: Art was one of those aggressive riders who would show up at the end of a trial with bloody elbows due to scraping them up so much.  Much like any moniker, the name doesn’t imply that anyone is going to have bloody elbows [Although I seem to do my best to adhere to the title], rather it signifies something that a lot of people remember about the guy.


I rode the loop yesterday. Great, almost short loop. Beautiful cloudless skies. Killer sections.

I just though I'd share. By the way, did you get your flyer yet? See you there!