Checkers; why we love 'em.

I like checkers. On reason, they help me remember the trials, and each section.

Check this out: Clubman line.

1. Tim and Loretta Holm- Section 1, right across the wash from camp. Tim rooting on his 'Team Santa Rosa' peeps. Fun full lock turn, up the rock ledge which scared me senseless not 2 seasons ago. through some jumbles, one rock, followed by a simple little ledge, coupled with a turn that just messed me (and many others) up all dang day. Smiling Loretta, punching me a five. (Once!)
2. Davey Rector- All I remember here was the one rock which I missed on loop two. Doh! Five again.
3. Paul Oswald- Probably fived this one, cool second gear slab, with a semi-scary drop right, followed by a second scary drop. Tricky, yet sweet. Paul, always my coach; 'Calm down, slow down..'

4. Ed Lowenberg and Eric Mattson- Over by the well. Fun, as soon as I stole Ian Robert's line! I cleaned this one! (Once). Big props to Ian.
5. Jim Preston- God, I love/hated Jim's section. Cool step, which was very very big. Never could figure how to get through his section clean. The off camber, no room, but miss the card thing? My shoulders still hurt from bike hucking. Two fives, I think.
6. Bill Bliven- Bill had the scary dance across the rocks at the top of some sketchy downhill. I think the rest was do-able, turns and climbs and such, but I only even oned it once. No cleans.

7. Mark Miller- Great section, cleaned it once! textbook full lock turns, and tricky little rock hoppy kind of problem at the end. I always like to do well on Marcus' sections.
8. Matt Parson + Cindy- Started with a big up, over two boulders. Somehow Mike Jenkins dislodged a differnt huge boulder, which further narrowed the gap. Then down, back UP, and left then off a scary-high boulder! Cleaned this one, once. Fived it too.
9. David McNeil + Sandy- Scary drop at the end. Getting this under control was indeed the crux. don't think I ever cleaned this one, but I saw Ian do it. Very cool ups on this section, for most classes.

10. Tom Thrailkill + Thomas Englhardt- If you do anything, clean the last section of the day. This one had a very trick end as well, again across the top of some very exposed rocks. Finally cleaned it, last section. THAT is a great way to end the day.


Anyways, many thanks to the checkers, and to the San Diego Trials Riders for putting on such a great event. Everyone I spoke to was challenged, maybe a little scared (in a good way), and had a grin on their face, at day's end.

Cheers indeed.