Romoland ReCon

News Flash! The standings are UP! Now back to our story...

The Romoland mid-week reconnoiter is complete. I joined my good friends Mr. Barda and Mr. Davis for a bit of Thursday joy out at the RomoDome. Technical issues put Mr. Davis back in his truck prematurely. I hope Santa brings Bruce a new kick starter gear! That left me and Damon to snoop around and see how things have held up after the rains. We rode each and every inch of the "Timmy Loop", The Old Lower loop, The New Lower loop, The By-Pass, The West End, The Short loop, and the Inner Loop. Poor us! It was a gold plated blast! No dust, no grip, and absolutely amazing vistas and killer blue skies. I am happy to report that nearly all parts of all the loops are navigable. Some rain ruts here and there but a little "riding in" during the set up will knock those edges off the rutty parts in no time. We looked at about 50 prospective sections for the upcoming events including a few old classics because I love them so much. There is quite a bit of trials history here in the RomoDome. We have been riding here for nearly 30 years, thanks to the work of Jack Volder! I think I can remember each section I have built here. I know I can remember each place I had to pick up Duane Stone and put him back on his bike. We once had a trial here with 107 riders in attendance ('06 I think). Rain or shine the Romoland is a must on every trials rider's Christmas list. So we have turned our report over to the Section Elves and the Loop Elves. They will now formulate their plans and gather their workers for two magical rounds of trials at Romoland. January 13th and February 17th are the fateful dates of true trials joy in the Inland Empire. We hope that Santa brings you that new tire, new bike (or kick starter half moon gear) if you have been nice. Get it all "broken in" and ready to ride the RomoDome rounds 7 and 8 of the TEC-Cycles Southern California Trials Association Championship. You know you want to go! Ask Santa or Mrs. Claus for the day off now. I will see you there!

The SCTA (and the Captain) wish you the Happiest of Holidays and a Healthy, Happy, and Dab Free New Year!