Captain O's Miller Classic Section Breakdown (photos soon)

In case you are having a tough time imagining what it was like to ride the "Miller Classic" in Paso Robles, here are some descriptions of the individual sections.
#1. Giant SHADY (not sunny) grassy hillside. Meandering line through TREES. Tight left right then opens onto grassy climb to moderate sized LOG! Over the log, go big, and out you go. All this and in the shade too.
#2. Rocky spine on the top of a ridge. Easy entry, dicey blind transition over the spine then back over again. Easy, fun, take the clean and run.
#3. Loose silty hillside. Looks easy enough. Turns. Just turns. Santa Rosa style turns that require a burning desire to just make it turn and not slip, slide, or stop. Turns that had to be ridden with soul. Two is a great  ride here. Take your dab and quit your crying, a one here is an epic ride.
The loop out to the next grouping of sections was single track, then some flat open 5th gear country dirt farm road.
#4. They called it "Lincoln Logs". Yes those kind of logs. From trees and all that. 6 logs to be exact. Each one so inviting. "Hey, just ride over me". For those of us prone to imprecision a price will be paid. Stay careful, smooth, online, and you will have the most rewarding ride in trials. Master the Lincoln Logs and all will be right with the world. Otherwise take you three and go rest your legs and hands.A very "trialsy" section indeed.
#5. Can we stand another shady hillside. Again? Oh yes we can. One nice, big beautiful climbing left turn. Easy? Not so fast Lindbergh. Get off line in the turn and you will feel the burn, as you go all "thigh master" to get out with the three. Another beautiful and simple section.
#6. You would think "enough with the shady hillsides in the trees" already. But wait there is more! Another hillside tree thing with lots of turns on the narrowest of lines and perfect traction IF you are perfectly on your little narrow line and perfect with the throttle. Otherwise, enjoy the stinky little one or two point ride you get and tray again next loop. This section was so shady later in the day I had trouble seeing the line to ride. Had to ride from memory. Mondo Shady.
The loop wends its way through the trees and hillsides. Back onto the country road, 5th gear and all that. Then up onto the ridges for some great 5th gear scenery soaking. Monster drop into the Arroyo.
#7. Sunny hot, slippery climbing left turn, then right, on super dry white limey silt. The silt was so white you could not see any differentiation in the surface features. Looked like snow except hot. Hot powder snow. Long transition to big down in the silty groove. Quick up and left. Wiggle left. Big looping left turn on the right side of the hill, cross to the other side and blast you butt out of the section with a little air just because you can! (and should)
More fifth gear ridge riding, try not crash while enjoying the killer scenery and keep you yap shut or you will be eating butterflies.
#8. In the trees. Manzanita trees. In the rocks and Manzanita trees to be exact. Mr. Head said if I took points here I would have to pay him a dollar a point. I had to work at it, but I owe Scott nothing but gratitude for his great section. Rocky narrow, loose line on entry. Chunky rock right turn up onto slippy, cracky  slabby left turn. Transition right at top and down the other end of the cracky slabby bits you just climbed. Then a long "slippy maybe" left to the exit.
#9. Bush ride down to line up for long loose climb on a bluff in the sunshine. Long loose climb, over the slippery dry rock that has no drive available just before you get there. Then tight left to off camber traverse over big rock out cropping. The off the outcropping, back onto super narrow, slippery traverse line for another 25 yards of off camber horror. Hard, slopey, tiny rocky, right turn and race to the end. Clean it or paddle it.
#10. Down into the sandy, silty, right turn to hit it hard and climb out of the pit and finish with a full lock left onto and off camber one tire wide transition. 15 yards and slight right, up a six foot step, swing right onto and off of the step to find the end. So simple, yet difficult, but somehow satisfying.
Back to the pits for section #11.
#11. I coughed up as many points here as I did all day in the other traps. Just a simple start gate and end gate. Straight line, Flat. Whaaaatttttt! Wheely section! I am not a wheelie guy. Ride it on one wheel to the end and it's a clean. When the wheel come down thats where your points are tallied. I hear there were some epic efforts and some epic failures here. Judging by the torn cards, displaced stakes,torn tape, and the checker's weary fearful eyes in this section, it should have its own Youtube channel. Score the Captain 3,3,3.
Two more loops. Drive home. Smile.