Results, and Bike Registration Musings.

After a hectic weekend of work, family, and riding, here is something fun and entertaining to curl up with: The Season Standings! Check yourself out, send them to your mom, share with your co-workers! You've worked hard for this, so you are totally justified to bask in the glory of your current status. And if you think you would like to see your name move up the list, well...Practice, practice, practice.

And join us at McCain Valley for round 6! It shall be a fun time, guaranteed. We have directions and weather reports, under the SCTA Schedule page.

Also, word coming from the San Diego set up crews is that the BLM rangers are out, checking for current registration on your bike. Please note this is a requirement of most ALL places we ride and compete, not just at McCain. Thankfully this is Red Sticker season still. Also, out of state (Non-Resident) permits are great, if you do in fact live out of state. Maybe even your very cool uncle lives out of state, and he is loaning you the bike for the weekend. Maybe. If that's the plan, here's where to purchase one.

Anyhow, know the rules, use your best judgement and 'don't let it ruin your day, and just enjoy the great trials the San Diego guys are putting on for us', to paraphrase some wise words.

So make sure your paperwork is in order, sticker up your bike, and we'll catch up with you all at McCain.