Friday on my mind.

Another whirlwind work week, which followed a jam-packed thousand mile weekend (Tucson and back, if you must know), and here it is:


I swear if I don't ride every weekend, I can get downright irritable. So today, AFTER work, the routine: It's time to get the bike in the driveway, ride up and down and around and the front yard rock, the curb, practice some hops and stuff with the skateboard kids on the street. Then get the thing ready for some actual dirt. Mix up some gas. Clean the air filter. Check the bolts, (especially the rear disc). Confirm the helmet is not too funky, and that the boots are tolerable. Gear bag packed. And then,

Wait for Sunday.

Who out there is feeling the same way? Seriously guys, let me know. If you're jonesing to ride, tell us about it. Use the comment link below and share. Get social, and then this weekend, get dirty.