time to ride!

Step right up, folks! Section Master Tim and his faithful set-up crew*, have been busy this oh so harsh winter (ha!) scraping, clearing, carving and creating the sweetest loop and bestest sections ever out at our most fave venue, Romoland! 12, yes that's TWELVE, sections, three loops, of sublime SoCal trials perfection. So sign up, gas up, and get your trials on, out at The RomoDome. Sunday, 1/15.
Spectators welcome, and of course, free as always. Voted best weekend escape in, well, my vote anyway.
All hail the TimmyLoop.
Did I mention, a dozen sections? That's 20% more than our regular trials. Such a bargain. Be there.
*Faithful crew would be Gabby, Mike, Carlos, Zac, Chris, Ty, Paul, Damon and countless others. Thank 'em when you see 'em.
Feet Up,