A Reason to Ride

You have waited all summer for this: Trials 2011/2012, SoCal Style!

Sure, you’ve practiced all summer. Maybe you tricked out the bike, got new tires. Perhaps you rode some fairly epic pre-season events. Blissfully perfect rides such as Piutes, or Lucerne, or Santa Rosa. Some even rode EnduroCross, and killed it! Nice.


But now my friends, it counts- for points, bragging rights, and even coveted Ironman awards. So you had BEST be ready! Get your bike ready, de-funkify your helmet, and load up the gear. Come on out to MotoVentures at Cahuilla Creek for a little bit of what we all need now: Trials riding, with your buddies. Heck- show up Saturday and ride, then dine, then camp, awake and repeat. Works for me.


A personal PS: Photo above is of Keith Wineland at El Trial de Espana, taken by my son Evan, age 11. Evan rode his first trial last weekend. Joined by my brother, we rode together all day. All across the desert it seemed, and he just never stopped having a blast, nor did I. The boy just kept powering through sections that were way over his limited skills. But I believe that he thought he could do all this stuff he sees guys like Wineland and Webb, Oldar and Storz do. He sure did try. My brother and I were all smiles. Team Barda and all that.


Anyhow, a greater day I could not have had.

And for me, right now, in my book; THAT is trials.

See you Sunday.