The New New Schedule!

Trials guys: Peter, Carlos, Spencer, Clive, Trevor and Todd. I think that's Brad behind the helmet.Fellow trials riders, we have a few modest changes to the season schedule.

Life being what it is, we are all, one day or another, faced with tough decisions. Sometimes these decisions work well for one, and not so well for another. Sometimes our decisions need to be vetted by our friends, our fellow riders, heck- even our spouses.

This week has been full of those kinds of decisions.

The schedule has shifted (again!) to revise the opening few events in the traditional Southern California trials season. As planned, the first event is our Fun Trial, in the Piutes, hosted by the Big Feets Trials Club, on the weekend of August 21/22.

The SCTA Season opener has shifted to September 25th, at Cahuilla/Motoventures, near Anza. I Would like to personally thank the Cullins Family for all they do to host, set up, and run sign up, for this and other VOTE Trials Club events. Without their tireless dedication, we would probably all be riding in our front yards at best. My hat is off to them.

The independent Plonkers Trials Club will host their season opening Fun Trial, open to all, on their traditional third weekend of September, on the 18th. While not an SCTA points event, it is expected as always to be competitive, grueling, yet fun.

Thank you all for bearing with the SCTA as we chart a course for what can best be described as a transitional period. See the guys in the photo above? See the smiles? That, my friends, is why we ride.

Feet up, good night, and peace.