So Long Sam the Ironman Champion

One of the things I love about trials is the special people we all are. I love the fact that of all the places we could end up, we end up together here in the trials community pursuing this weird little sport that is hard to describe to others.

A few years ago a tall lanky man of some years ended up on our door step and muddled through a few events with a joy that is unusual considering the effort he was expending and the results he was generating. Fast forward a year or two and the man is battling point for point and loop by loop at each event, against riders a quarter of his age. Sam Reeder came to me at the beginning of this season and told me he was riding for the Championship and the "Iron Man" award. Sam put in the training time, practicing with the Hannons and Tom Miller. The season was a bit of a test and at the end of the series he had to ride through some significant injury to keep the points lead and stay in the "Iron Man" category. All said and done, my friend Sam Reeder acheived his goals of a championship season and completeing the full season as an Iron Man. I was thrilled for him and very proud of his effort. I looked him in the eye and told him so. We had a quiet moment, and then he started yapping about where he "dabbed" and this and that. Sam is seldom without words and always brings his sense of play and humor.

Sam and his lovely wife are leaving are our little group to run a horse ranch in Pueblo, Colorado. I know he loves us and our little sport, but he loves his wife and the ponies too. I am sure we will see Sam's name in the RMTA results from time to time. I love the quiet (sort of) effort and determination that Sam put into every ride. Sam always sought me out to just say goodmorning at the trials. I will miss Sam Reeder. But I will always remember him. I know all of SCTA will wish the Reeder family nothing but love and success in their new venture. Sam the "Iron Man". Sam the "Sportsman Champion". Sam, thanks for being part of our little group.