Pennsylvania Nationals Update:

From Chris Cullins and Oli Thordarson,
whose boys Ty and Kristjan are competing at the NATC/AMA Nationals, rounds 3 and 4 in PA.

Additional reporting by Andrew Oldar, taken from CCCCCC

"Ty started off with a really bad 1st loop with 30 points; he just wasn't he usual smooth self. This put him in third place. As with Saturday the sections got worse for the second loop. Ty put his head down and was able to find his groove again and dropped his score to a 19 with no 5's while the riders scores raised into the 30's for the second loop.
On his third loop, Ty started off bad with a 5 for stalling in section 1 and another 5 in section 4, but he was able to clean a couple of sections which he had been unable to before, and came away with a 21 point loop. This gave him the win by 11 points!

Obviously with those scores it was a tough trial. Wet, slick, small jagged rocks sticking out of the ground on slick up hills. Not the most fun riding, but good experience to learn from.

Kristjan wound up 6th again, from what I heard though the scores where pretty close.

In Pro class, Eric Storz was 6th and Andrew Oldar 7th. Hopefully they'll tell about there experience when they get a chance.

And from Oli..
"Kristjan learned a lot at this trial. Every section was wet, damp and/or muddy. The Expert Support sections were very tough. Scores ranged from 79 to 118. The sections were also very long and tiring as many of them were as Chris said, full of small jagged slippery rocks on hills. On many sections it was difficult to rush through in 90 seconds. Many riders timed out on certain sections. On one section yesterday not a single high school rider made it through. Kristjan did make it through on the 3rd loop and within time. That ride along with a couple of cleans were his highlights of his day.

And finally this, from the blog of Andrew Oldar, Sherco USA:

"After leaving for Pennsylvania bright and early Wednesday morning, myself and the rest of the Sherco team arrived in Tower City, Pennsylvania. After setting up the pits on Thursday morning, I set out for some practice only to find some seemingly slick, but somewhat dry rocks. Friday was a day for another short practice session and prepping my bike. Brad Baumert went through it and got all the bolts tight and prepared for competition. Saturday proved to be slick, as thunderstorms the night before soaked the already wet ground, which made for some very slick conditions. I struggled to find my groove in the first few sections, but was later able to pick up the pace and lower my loop scores. Unfortunately, my late charge in the day was only good enough for a 7th place finish. Sunday started off much better for me, getting through the first couple of sections which were extremely difficult. I had a few great rides in section 10, once coming very close to a clean and ended up managing two 1′s. Section 9 proved to be my undoing however. I fived it each time and that proved to be my worst enemy all day. I ended up 7th again on Sunday. Although my results didn’t reflect it, I feel like I rode fairly well and gained a lot of experience. Thanks for reading and check in next Sunday for my next blog update!

Thank you all for the updates. All of us back here at home like to hear how well our riders did. We're proud of them, and appreciate you taking the time to write.
More info on Picture credit: Michael Salsman, who took home a 3rd place in the Twin Shock class.