The Cullins Report.

A brief update from the June 11th Pennsylvania NATC national, Rounds 3 and 4, as reported by Tec-Cycle's Chris Cullins, where his son Ty is competing in Junior Class. A link for the full section by section results is provided below.

'...After a night with heavy thunder storms everything was soaked come Saturday. Many Easy-ups around the camp had folded up with the heavy rain.

Saturday's sections where all very slick with small jumbled rocks. For the most part the weather was dry during the trial, but as the day went on the sections got more chewed up and slick. Definitely nothing like our SoCal boys are used to.
Ty had a great first loop with a 13 points. His second was 21 points and the third was 24 points. This was good enough for him to win the junior class by 7 points. After the second loop I was worried he wasn't doing as well, but everyone's scores went up, though the second place rider did beat Ty on the third loop.

I don't have the results here, but I believe Kristjan Thordarson was 6th in High School, Eric Storz was 6th Pro and Andrew Oldar was 7th Pro. Hopefully they'll chime in on their days. (Full results here.)

After the trials the sky's opened up again so there will be no relief for us on Sunday, plus there's always a good chance for rain during the event also.

I'll let you know how it goes.


PS: Additional NATC news here. (including breaking news that Patrick Smage-Sherco took top honors over Cody Webb-Beta...)