The Texas Report, Day 2

Our roving reporter, Chris Cullins, provides us with yet another update...

It went from 90's yesterday to 50's and very windy, I was freezing all day! Thank goodness the rain held off.

Ty won today too! Only one real mistake today and a lot of good steady rides. We rode with the second place finisher all day who Ty is friends with. They both are just as capable riders, Ty just makes less mistakes.

Kristjan finished up 6th in the high school class. He said he mainly cleaned the support lines, but the expert sections where very tough.

Ian wound up 5th in expert. He had a bike issue and had to push his bike back to the pits from one of the furthest points on the loop. After getting the bike fixed he had to really hustle to finish on time which he did. He seemed happy with his 2nd & 3rd loop scores even with having to hurry.

Andrew was 6th in the top Pro class and Eric was 7th. I didn't get a chance to talk with them about their day or get to see them ride any sections.

Pat Smage beat Cody Webb by one point to take the pro class win.

Full results are available here, and some great pictures from Trials and Enduro News, here.


Thanks again, Chris.