A Busy Sunday for All

The restless men and women of SoCal Trials are certainly keeping busy this weekend. The competition is over for the season, but the fun is now in full swing, all across the southland.

Up in the Piutes, Don C. and his Big Feets boys are hosting an epic ride, in what just could become the NEXT BIG PLACE to ride. Cheers and amen to that, brothers and sisters! Check out this thread for more information.

Andrew Oldar is sharing his wisdom out at Santa Rosa, and that is always a great time. Rumour has it several of the high desert guys will make the trip south. Brad Hannon at Santa Rosa? OMG and holey moley!

Myself, I'll be out at the USGP watching Kevin Barda tearing it up in the Vet class. (Yes, he can go fast, better than he goes slow). If I may brag about him just a wee bit, he got fifth in the first moto, and second best American rider! Results here. Tomorrow at 10:00 am: Moto 2. Go Team Barda!

Have a great Sunday, keep your feet up, and your smiles ON.