The Texas Report, Prologue

From our roving reporter, Tec Cycles' Chris Cullins..

April 29, Blackwell, TX

Hi All,

Thought I would give everybody a quick update from the national here in Texas.

Everybody has made it here, Andrew, Ian, Eric, Kristjan, & Ty. They all seem to be doing well with no problems so far. It was very windy, dry & dusty today, not much fun to hang out in. The terrain is very loose & dry. Not too many big rocks that we've seen from the practice areas. Tomorrow should be less wind and temps in the 90's.

Our riders-
Ty will be riding the JR class which is for riders up to age 18. They ride the support line which is similar to our advanced line. At 12 he is still the youngest rider by 2 years.

Kristjan has moved up to the High School class. It's also for riders up to 18. They ride the Expert-Support line which rides half the Support lines and half the Expert lines. It would be about the same as our Expert line.

Ian is riding Expert. Very tough class. Most guys in this class are probably the top riders in their respective clubs! The lines are about like the SCTA local Pro lines. Of course all the experts are excited for this event since Ray Peters who has won the expert class for the past few years is putting on this event and not riding it. Finally we'll have a different winner.

Eric & Andrew will be riding Pro. This will be Andrew's second year in Pro, he finished #6 last year. This will be Eric's rookie year in Pro. There are many new Pro's and it should be interesting to see how they work themselves out. Cody Webb and Pat Smage are pretty well established as the top two. Keith Wineland is pretty well #3. The fight will be for 4th as I see it. It would be cool to see another one make it onto the podium, I just don't think they're ready yet.

I'll let you all know how they finished tomorrow.