The Texas Report, Day One

Dateline Texas...

IT was a hot, dry day in Texas, with a 12 mile loop. Fortunately the loop was more open and smooth, so it didn't beat your body too bad.

How about our riders?

Ty Won! To say we are exited about Ty's first regular (not Youth) national win would be an understatement. He also wound up 16th out of the 60 support line riders. We have a hefty goal of a top 10 some time this season.

Kristjan finished up 7th in the High school class. After the event he said it was the hardest trials he has ridden. Those 6 expert sections he has to ride are hard!

Ian finished 5th in the Expert class and has some cool looking scrapes on his face for his valliant efforts. From what I was told it was a big drop off into loose rock on a down hill.
Former Socal rider Chase Harker was 2nd in Expert.

Eric finished up 5th in his first Pro ride. He had been 4th going into thefinal loop, but was overtaken. He rightly seemed very happy with his good ride. Andrew wound up 7th pro.
Cody Webb was 1st, Pat Smage was 2nd.

Tomorrow's weather (Sunday) is reported feature a large drop in the temperature. Maybe some rain & wind. Should be fun.

Best of luck to the local boys..

Chris Cullins