2 minutes

Our friend Chris Horgan of Stewards of the Sequoia and Save The Trails is requesting a bit of help. A new letter campaign is under way to compel our representation to consider legislation that will open up or reclassify thousands of acres of public land. The Wilderness and Roadless Release Act will free up lands that are not suitable for Wilderness designation currently being held by the authorities. 

The entire process truly takes two minutes (three if your dense like me) to produce a letter that goes straight to your representative. This letter will be so motivating to him/her that they will go to Washington a day early and tell everyone exactly how they are going to vote to open up lands that are unsuitable as Wilderness to the OHV community!

Click the link below and get busy. Your sport needs your action now.

Click here to send your letter now from the ARRA site

You do not even need to know who your Congressman is. You just enter your address. It does not get any easier than this to help reclaim your public lands for reasonable access and management.
Please speak up and TAKE ACTION now