The Captain says......

Hi Friends,

Thanks to all who attended the FUNd Trial today. We raised money for the Youth Team and had a beautiful day riding around and hanging together! Congratulations to Team Ty (Cullins) for their second consecutive win in the FUNd Trial. Hugs and Congratulations to all our class Champions. Hugs and High Fives to all our IronMan recipients. Thanks again to Tom Miller for the inspirational T-shirts. I am so proud of Kristjan Thordarson and his receiving the Markham Award, he is is truly a worthy young rider who I am sure appreciates the history that comes with the trophy. The Stone Perpetual Trophy was given to Tim Holm. My good friend Tim has quietly put so much effort into our trials community, building sections, training riders, and doing virtually everything I have asked him to do over the last ten years. He is a treasure for the SCTA.  I love all of you like family. Have a blast this summer. Train hard and get ready for another great season. 

Paul Oswald
Southern California Trials Association