The Most Important Trial of the Season

Next Sunday at 11 o'clock the most important trial of the season will be held at Cahuilla. The California Youth Trials Team fund raiser and fun trial is always a total scream! The Fund trial is your chance to ride with your mates with no pressure, just fun. 100% of your entry fee will be donated directly to the Youth Team. This money helps send our youth riders NATC National Trials and Youth Championships. This type of experience is vital for the development of our next SCTA Champion. The day starts with Team selection. Each Team will be Captained by one of our Youth Team Riders. The teams then go off and ride a 5 section, 3 loop Gate trial. The team with the highest combined score wins bragging rights for the next season. 

What is a gate trial you ask? The short answer (I am not known for my short answers, some say I am incapable of a short answer) is this. Each section contains gates (splits) with varying points values. The more difficult gates have higher point values. Point values range from 1 through 5. That is, there will be a 1point gate, 2 point gate, 3 point gate, and a 5 point gate. Maximum score for one ride in one section will be 11 points. Dabs reduce your score. So if you ride through the 1 , 2 and 3 point gates with one dab your score would be 6 points minus one point for your lame dab, scoring will be 5 points. Easy as pie! A walk in the park! It sounds complex, but it really is quite simple and super fun (and funny). I am proud to say that I was on the all conquering TEAM TY last year. My contribution was the best 4th gear 1/2 Backflip in the Wheelie section! Thats right, WHEELIE SECTION! You really have to ride this trial to see how much fun we can have. But WAIT! Thats not all!

 After the drama of the Fund Trial I will be handing out the season end trophies with a hearty handshake, hug, and possibly embarrassing anecdote about each recipient. Sometimes I cry a little bit. Tears of laughter and joy. We will find out who the true Ironmen are and they will get their plaques identifying them as such. The Markham and Stone perpetual trophies might find a new home this year as well. As always its a surprise. 

Please come out and put a beautiful cap on a terrific season by supporting our young riders and start the off season with laugh and smile. See you there!

Captain O