Your Fearless Leader says

The 41st edition of the El Trial de Espana will commence this weekend. The trial and last round of the TEC Cycles- Southern California Trials Association Championship will take place at high Noon on Saturday. This is also that last opportunity to qualify as an Ironman, don't miss it. This year we are having same day awards for all classes. Class trophies (thanks Tori) will be awarded just prior the evening barbecue. Sunday we will have the Pro Exhibition at 11 a.m. Last Year's Sword bearer Keith Wineland will be back to defend his title. Cody Webb has committed to taking it back from Keith and our local boys, Oldar, Storz, and Delaney want to have some say in who swings the sword this year as well. The weather will be mixed all week so I am sure that Cahuilla will be at its classic "Grippy and Slippy" best! So check those tire pressures. Speaking of a classic mix, I have ridden the sections. There are so many "best section ever's" to choose from that I honestly cannot pick a favorite, but I am sure you will find one that is "just right" for you and your loved ones! I am looking forward to seeing ALL of you out there!