Green party

Adrian Lewis of Lewisport USA is in the UK right now, test riding the brand spankin' new OSSA. Adrian rode a very "blinged" up version of the new bike and his first reports include the words "MEGA" and "VERY IMPRESSED".

The Report: 'I rode the bike quite a bit -- also took the tranny out in 15 mins!!!! 5 bolts and the clutch, tranny assembly comes out in one piece!--BRILLIANT!--same clutch as the gasser (finger type) programmable CDI unit -- bags of torque -- not unusable but VERY tractive -- great bike, just pop a white tube fast throttle on and "ITS ALIVE"!-- rear shock is apparently converted from the MX world and is great -- 3 --- yes 3 adjustments!!!(damping . rebound and speed) A typical high quality Ohlins unit -- the whole bike brims with trickness!!! The rear spokes are using a totally new system for sealing the rim with an o ring on every spoke, all in all a very high end innovative machine -- a real treat to see someone going into such a quality product in such a volatile economy.