Do you have it?

There are riders among us that possess a certain character that is hard to describe. It is a combination of physical and mechanical skills coupled with a robust mentality of toughness, determination, and savvy. These riders see the SCTA calendar as a season of events, not a list of individual trials, but a campaign. To compete in every event on the calendar, is a true test of man, mind and machine. We created the Iron Man awards to promote this type of thinking, and recognize the riders among us who possess this spirit. To receive the Iron Man award a rider must attend every event that makes up the SCTA championship season. This season I am thrilled to report that we have 23 prospective Iron Man recipients. With two events left on the calendar, this number should hold up. It will be record number of awards. I am in awe of the effort, loyalty and trust these rider put into the SCTA and its events. I won't list them here, but they know who they are. They endeavor and endure this crucible for the quiet satisfaction of conquering an entire season of obstacles and tests.  These people are special. Come to the Youth Fund Trial and SCTA Awards event in April to find out who among us is an Iron Man. Start planning your Iron Man Campaign for the 2011/2012 SCTA Championship now!