Ah, Keyesville...

Another perfect day of trials up in Keyesville. While the weatherman was threatening us with rain all week, we had a glorious sunny day, with a cool breeze that kept reminding me that yes, Fall is here. Earlier rains kept the soil wet, and traction was just about perfect.

 The trial itself featured ten full sections, 45 riders, and dozens of spectators. Myself, I was checking, and getting to spend a few laughs with everyone.

New SCTA president Chris Cullins wrote of the competition:

In Novice it was a battle of the kids as Shawn Merrit edged out Didrick Thordarson for the win.

Zack Mott took his first win in Sportsman. Just 2 points back was Craig Lane. Returning to trials was young Wesley Couture taking 3rd, Wesley also had the lowest sportsman loop score of the day, with a 3 on his second loop!

Intermediate class was big with 11 riders! Erik Mattson took his second win in a row followed by Quinn Lewis in 2nd and Brock Bruggeman taking 3rd. I'm glad to see the Intermediate class big, as this should be our main core of riders.

New to California rider Billy Traynor won Clubman by just a few points over out of state rider Mark Franklin. Marcus Miller was only a few points back in 3rd.

I was able to take advantage of the top 2 advanced riders checking and win my class, but Bill Bliven made me work for it and was only a few points off me all day and took 2nd. Clive Hannon had good 2nd and 3rd loops to work himself up to 3rd at the end of the day.

Brad Hannon was his usual cool and consistent self taking an almost 20 point win in Expert. Kristjan Thordarson finished second 10 points ahead of NorCal rider Adrian Lewis.

Eric Storz topped the Pro class beating out Andrew Oldar by 10 points.

What a fun weekend! It doesn't get much better, or will it, at Romoland Dec.4?

We shall see, Chris, we shall see...