The Midweek MotoTrial Update..

Hello all, I was tipped to this fine video by Brad the Biker at work. Brad rocks.

Totally fun, with a nice, multi-generational feel. Enjoy. Go full screen. Really.

ALSO... San Diego Trials Riders' October 16 FULL-LOCK Trial at MotoVentures is shaping up nicely, sections have been rinsed by October's glorious rainfall (YES!), and the call is NOW out for riders! If you'd appreciate a wonderfully sweet autumn Sunday tackling some great sections with us, then c'mon out and RIDE. We SO have a class for you. MotoVentures offers up some wonderfully fun and tight singletrack loop riding, and bold, brave sections to test your mettle.

Brock at SDTR Trials Headquarters reports he has ample checkers at this point. Which is quite nice, really. Because face it, being a checker also rocks, in it's own good karma kind of way.

But seriously. Check twice a season- It's good for you!

Spectators, this is an awesome day hiking some oak and cottonwood lined creeks, and watching California's best trials riders, up close. Great sections near the pits (or paddock), as they say.

Have a great week, see whomever at Santa Rosa, and keep riding!