The Cahuilla Report

THAT was fun. San Diego Trials Riders' recent competition at MotoVentures is in the books. This trial featured new single track that stretched the loop to a point where you actually had to refuel both your body and your bike.The kid in the picture? That would be my boy, and while his little bike might have been able to complete three loops, the boy, not so much. Ah well.

We saw Don Copeland victorious in the Sportsman class. Eric Matson, representing the LBC by winning Intermediate. Marcus Miller easily took Clubman, and Ty Cullins, wins again in advanced. Nice rides by all. The boy in the picture went on to DNF, but he was all smiles, and was always a joy to watch. Big shout out to Brock and crew for a great trial.

And now I say check your mailboxes, because coming right up? Keyesville. And I am here to tell you, this place is epic.

Hope to see you all out there, and hey- Bring a friend!