1st Annual Romo Checker Trial

As a treat for all who checked or worked the Volder Classic last week, VOTE and trials master Tim Holm kept the entire catalog of 12 sections up, taped, split and carded for training this weekend. We had a dozen riders of all stripes working out the kinks and having fun. Their were Intermediates riding the Clubman lines, Advanced guys goofing up the Expert traps, and Clubman riders sharpening the tools in their bag of tricks. Tim Holm, Andrew Oldar, and Paul Oswald provided instruction and advice to those who had a spot of bother in the sections last week and wanted to work on the trouble spots. The format is low key and pressure free which allows everyone to concentrate on improvement or just the pure joy of a good ride in a good section, or both!

The weather was perfect and the company even better. A truly magic Sunday! We hope to make this a Romoland/ Volder Classic tradition. See you there next year!(if you check or work).

Captain O