One Less Excuse


There are a thousand little moments and details that are part of putting a trials event together. Permits, set up, insurance, supplies and the like all contribute to the mental workload that is being a trials master. This year is the 15th Romoland trial I have been involved with. A unique feature and a constant cause of concern is the "Motorhome Hill Climb" in the middle segment of the road we use to access the trials venue. Chris, Tim and I have always had a nerve rattling relationship with the road and its hilly part. Rain ruts, and rain are going to spell trouble for our riders and their rigs. Even if there is no rain sometimes the ruts are can be truly bothersome for any vehicle. Rain ruts in the staging area make us nuts too. You have seen them. The giant one foot deep ruts that run from North to South through the pits. Anyway, this is just one thing we worry about when doing a Romoland Trial.

Well forget about all that! I was driving out to set up this weekend, when I turned my Race Van around the corner expecting to beat and pick my way up the 'Motorhome Hill Climb" only to be greeted by a veritable dirt Highway of truly Interstate quality. I spontaneously broke into tears, weeping happily as I flew up the hill with nary a spin of the wheel or a splash of my Starbucks Venti Coffee of the Day (a bold Carracas roast). The hill was a thing of beauty, no ruts, no rocks, nice and wide. Pulling into the staging area with my Big A** Van is usually a surgical process to keep from tipping over or tossing the microwave out of it's mooring due to the ruttiness that we always find, but NO! Smooth as Peter Crofts rear tire! Unbelievable!

Let me talk for a moment about volunteerism. The SCTA is held together by acts of kindness and quiet effort that are largely unheralded. This is one of those acts but I will not let this one slip by without a little notice. Mark Oldar and I have known each other just about all of our adult lives. Mark was the "Andrew Oldar" of our young days (and I just a younger Captain O). Mark owns a tractor. Mark brought his tractor to set up and proceeded to drag, cut, clean and basically pave the road from the hill climb to the staging area. A massive amount of work. Then it rained like mad for two more days and Mark came out and did it all again.He did not have to do that, or any of it, he just did it. The road in to the trials area looks the best I have ever seen it. Thank you Mark, it's one less thing that Tim, Chris, and I have to worry about. It is also one less excuse. You can drive your Mom's 1970 Pinto up to the pits on flat tires, WITH your bike in the trunk! The road is that good!

Please make every effort to attend this weekend's trial at Romoland. Even if its just to see this awesome grading that Mark has done to our road, please come out and enjoy a great ride at one of the most interesting trials venues, and ride the most killer loop and cleanest sections in So Cal.

You must be there! You must Romo!

Captain O