Romo? Yes Romo!

A message from the President
(Of SCTA, that is...)

Ladies and Gentlemen! Boy and Girls! If you have plans next Sunday and they do not include a visit to Romoland, you must change them with out delay. Call everyone you know and have them meet you at Romoland. Call people you do not know and have them meet you at the Romodome. If you are a trials rider and you might have to work on Sunday, you will have to quit your job. Whatever it takes, you and everyone who owns a trials bike within 500 miles of you need to ride Romoland this Sunday! It is THAT good!

I have seen the 16 sections that will comprise Sundays test. Lower classes will ride 9 sections. Upper classes including Intermediate will ride 12 sections. Pros will ride 2 loops of 9 sections and then finish the day battling for victory on four special zones of exhibition quality placed near the pits for all to see. The Pro final will commence at 2:45 p.m.

Wait! Thats not all!

I have ridden the new "Timmy Loop" and it brought giant tears of joy to my eyes and made laugh out loud! If this loop does not evoke some heartfelt response of pure joy and motorized happiness then you need counseling from the captain! It is THAT good!

Tim Holm and the VOTE secret trials set up crew have been working on and clearing timber for this event all summer and fall. The quality of the work shows at each section and all over the loop. If you ride one trial this season, you must ride this event! I cannot wait! See you at the Romodome!

Paul Oswald
Southern California Trials Association